CD XC Episode 4

Congrats to Kaydee on the school record jr high run!

CD Cross Country Episode 3

Cardinal XC Episode 2

CD XC Episode 1

Ninja Gym

A few highlights of our trip to Bolivar, MO…ninja gym. If your ever in southern missouriĀ it’s a fun outing…

Back from the Brink

In the world of doping athletes constantly deny, deny, deny….no matter how strong the evidence is against them (Umm Peyton Manning)…even though it’s 15 plus years later, it’s nice to see a doper actually talk honestly about it and admit what they did. Hopefully, he does get his life turned around.

Gracie Bullyproof

Run Hopi Trailer-Sports Center Featured

Kids Martial Arts

Should stop in and join the fun in Centerville and Leon!

Never Give up


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