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Eugenics by Vaccine


Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

Modern day devolved pagans adhere to Darwin’s survival of the fittest, and Galton’s eugenics ideology.

Current Covid vaccines are a lethal instrument to segregate the so-called “strong” from the weak.

These instruments of death have acute, subacute, and long term consequences.

Acute extermination of the weak is accomplished by:

1. Blood clots

2. Heart inflammation

3. Miscarriages

Sub-acute murder / genocide is accomplished by:

1. Injection of an unsafe and ineffective liquid into innocent people that medically don’t need it.

2. According to many world experts, this may lead to genocide through the mechanism of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

Long term death from this poison shot include:

1. Increased rates of cancer

2. Increased rates of autoimmune diseases

3. Infertility

4. Potential reduction of life span by 30 years

Those that escape these dangers will be considered genetically superior people.

Eugenics is paganism, child sacrifice…

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