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When Government Rewards Evil and Punishes Good

Masks Are Deadly

Indoctrination Camps

Our schools have become indoctrination camps-much like China and we are fast into a slide that will ruin America if it’s not stopped

Sin Of Sodom

Is America Finished?

Proof Lockdowns Are Tyrannical

It’s Time-End The Mask Nonsense

We live in a country where the government is openly trying to irreparibly damage and harm our children. It’s time to stop it!

Expose CNN


Idolatry of Covid 19 —

The Israelites repeatedly fell into a pattern of idolatry which led to a pattern of receiving God’s judgement on their nation in the Old Testament. We don’t make idols or offer sacrifices to idols today-or do we? Idolatry is when you exchange something for God. It can also be thought of as elevating something above God. […]

Idolatry of Covid 19 —

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