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Shocking Admission On Covid Deaths

The state of Illinois plainly states that any death-regardless of alternate cause-including hospice deaths are counted as covid deaths as long as the person is positive at the time of death-regardless of cause of death. Can’t deny the conspiracy to use this to bring about the death of America

American Divorce

unknownI have linked below to many articles in recent years predicting this impending break up in the US that is now happening. The only thing people in this country might be able to agree on is that it’s time to split and we’d all be better off. How that split happens? Time to start talking and planning about it so it can happen peacefully if possible.

The Coming Breakup of the United States

The U.S. Is Breaking Up

Italians Call For Arrest Of Bill Gates

Contact Tracing

Aaron Rodgers identifies Lockdown Measures As House Arrest

Even the liberal NFL quarterback is recognizing that citizens are basically on house arrest and an arrey of other national problems are arising due to it.


Funny Corona Film-Kevin James

Doctors being silenced

Doctor: Our voices are being silenced by media and ‘experts’



NYC heart attack and strokes vanish?

Interesting data

MSNBC believes it’s their job to control what we think

Lessons from 1968 Hong Kong Flu

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