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American Divorce

unknownI have linked below to many articles in recent years predicting this impending break up in the US that is now happening. The only thing people in this country might be able to agree on is that it’s time to split and we’d all be better off. How that split happens? Time to start talking and planning about it so it can happen peacefully if possible.

The Coming Breakup of the United States

The U.S. Is Breaking Up

Ideology divide in the USA

Are the things dividing Americans irreconcilable? The divides are way more ideological than racial. I fear that we are living in 2-4 America’s that are already past unification. American’s are split on things like abortion. Some demand people get abortions and would die for that…to many of us that’s murder and we can never go along with abortion and would like to see it abolished. You have ideological divides on free speech, guns, education, health care, capitalism, socialism, Trumpism, free markets, regulation, immigration, gay rights, the pandemic response, the BLM protests. These divides are how people see the world and how they want to be governed and they could not be farther apart. Many of these radical groups both on the right, left, black, and white want their own nation-and abillity to govern themselves.

If the USA is heading for a split, break up, or messy divorce should leaders consider a few things such as the possibility of a peaceful or amicable breakup? If the BLM, progressive democrats, socialists, and extremist groups (a significant portion of the US now) really want their own governance as an end game this will end badly if we choose the civil war path where one side is ultimately crushed. If one side wins another is wiped out and what country will be left for our children and grand children.

I wonder if seperatist ideas based on ideology would ever gain stream. State’s soveignty based on ideology….immigration to those areas for those parties and a peaceful breakup. Doubtful that would ever happen, but mass immigration for many of those same reasons (religious, political, economic) has happened early in American history as my family roots and many others came to America leaving their homelands just for reasons such as that. Will mass exoduses out of certain areas begin to occur-more talk of state’s succeeding? Crazy time-I fear if that doesn’t occur some incredible bloodshed and autrocities could await this country as tensions have been buiding over these ideological divides that are not able to be bridged for decades now. Maybe it’s coming to a head, maybe it will be repressed, maybe American love will win out…or maybe this country is about to become 50 countries. What is happening as we speak is a political coup attempt…and it’s making headway.

A peaceful breakup where the US is only using military for defense and each state is totally soveign with no federal laws is not as far fatched today as it was 1 month ago.

Truth in Minneapolis



Why Forced Isolation Is Bad

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Federal Overreach?

Who determines what’s true? Government? That could be scary.

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