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Today’s America and Christians plight

Is there enough evidence to convict you of being a follower of Jesus Christ or will the evidence convict you of being a follower of a worldy system that opposes God? Following Christ might get you cancelled, killed, or persecuted. In light of what is happening to America Christians need to be clear about who their allegiance is towards. Are they bowing down to the god of system controlled media, science, or institutions or the God of the Bible? Some very clear lines are being drawn.
Endorsement of the beliefs of the cultural shift in America today is not compatible with Christianity. This dangerous ideology has manifest itself in recent history in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and Communist China. Cultural marxism turns into socialism and finally manifests itself as full blown communism in the end. Those systems and ideas without exception have resulted in Christian persecution every place they have been implemented.
Those systems at their core are atheistic philosophy with no room for belief in the God of the Bible. Karl Marx was clear on this point. In these systems the state becomes the ultimate authority. This is not compatible with Christianity as we hold God and his word as the ultimate authority. Our nation was founded on the principle that God was the ultimate authority-so this movement attempts to undo that. Are men owned by governments or free souls under God?
They demand to control your thinking, beliefs, actions, and decide what’s best for you. Christians should submit themselves to the control of Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 “We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ”. Our thoughts and beliefs should conform to Christ not the state, system, so called science, media, or the mob. These movements seek to be Christianity without Christ. It’s a counterfeit Christianity. Jesus died in the place of sinful man to pay the penalty for sins for those who believe. These government systems do not want a Savior such as Jesus-they portray themselves as the savior for the problems they create. Either Jesus is Lord or the government system is lord.
Matthew 7:20 “Thus you will recognize them by their fruits”. When a movement becomes lawless and devolves to riots, looting, chants of f— the police, and other such evils those do not flow from God. Those are not fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness). Certain government restrictions cannot come from God when they include criminalizing churches and church goers, outlawing singing and worship, and banning religious gatherings.
Matthew 10:28 “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul And body in hell”. The Bible tells us to fear God not man or a virus. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The message we are being flooded with is fear of everything except the fear of the Lord. The one thing we should actually fear is a holy God who is also just and will punish sin. Is your allegiance to Christ or to the beast of government systems that oppose the one true God?
What are Christians to do in the face of evil government? Some practical application?
Daniel shows us that we obey God over government when conflicts arise. We are already there in America where those conflicts are arising. The books of Nehemiah and Esther show us that we should protect the oppressed, defend homes, families, and communities. We also should take any action possible to thrawt genocide (Esther). The genocide of abortion has killed over 60 million. We may soon face another genocide more visible on God’s people and we should seek to thrawrt that as well. Jesus tells us to give to Caesar what he is due (taxes) but to give to God what he is due (worship and allegiance to his law). If civil mandates rise to the level of conflicting against religious conviction and Biblical instruction we cannot comply with the civil order.
In America we are given even more options-we were given founding documents that gave the people of the nation freedom to alter, reform, or abolish any future action, law, or government that is contrary to the founding documents. We are in such a place today where much of our government is contrary to the founding documents. Nehemiah faced a similar plight and stuck to the original document from the king when provincial rulers opposed his work. Paul and others fled persecution and government. Christians are being forced into conflict with this new system. Some are facing an impasse now-others may still be years before the impasse arrives. When it arrives we must ultimately seek to obey God over government systems. I would urge Christians to read scripture with a heightened level of urgency to better understand how that is to be lived out today.

Shocking Admission On Covid Deaths

The state of Illinois plainly states that any death-regardless of alternate cause-including hospice deaths are counted as covid deaths as long as the person is positive at the time of death-regardless of cause of death. Can’t deny the conspiracy to use this to bring about the death of America

Ideology divide in the USA

Are the things dividing Americans irreconcilable? The divides are way more ideological than racial. I fear that we are living in 2-4 America’s that are already past unification. American’s are split on things like abortion. Some demand people get abortions and would die for that…to many of us that’s murder and we can never go along with abortion and would like to see it abolished. You have ideological divides on free speech, guns, education, health care, capitalism, socialism, Trumpism, free markets, regulation, immigration, gay rights, the pandemic response, the BLM protests. These divides are how people see the world and how they want to be governed and they could not be farther apart. Many of these radical groups both on the right, left, black, and white want their own nation-and abillity to govern themselves.

If the USA is heading for a split, break up, or messy divorce should leaders consider a few things such as the possibility of a peaceful or amicable breakup? If the BLM, progressive democrats, socialists, and extremist groups (a significant portion of the US now) really want their own governance as an end game this will end badly if we choose the civil war path where one side is ultimately crushed. If one side wins another is wiped out and what country will be left for our children and grand children.

I wonder if seperatist ideas based on ideology would ever gain stream. State’s soveignty based on ideology….immigration to those areas for those parties and a peaceful breakup. Doubtful that would ever happen, but mass immigration for many of those same reasons (religious, political, economic) has happened early in American history as my family roots and many others came to America leaving their homelands just for reasons such as that. Will mass exoduses out of certain areas begin to occur-more talk of state’s succeeding? Crazy time-I fear if that doesn’t occur some incredible bloodshed and autrocities could await this country as tensions have been buiding over these ideological divides that are not able to be bridged for decades now. Maybe it’s coming to a head, maybe it will be repressed, maybe American love will win out…or maybe this country is about to become 50 countries. What is happening as we speak is a political coup attempt…and it’s making headway.

A peaceful breakup where the US is only using military for defense and each state is totally soveign with no federal laws is not as far fatched today as it was 1 month ago.

Paid Protestors?

Time to identify which organizations are paying protestors to travel from city to city and escalate these protests into riots

MSNBC believes it’s their job to control what we think

Doctors say NO to shelter in place

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