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Today I ran a sub 5 minute mile for the 21st consecutive year at a low key indoor college track meet (Graceland University-4:45.30). My running journey has been at the non elite level (4:14.30 best ever), but I value the time and health God has given me to use this gift and compete. The PR and the streak of sub fives are representative of the running journey I’ve had. Whether it’s the years of dedicated training only to be a non elite, or the development of mental toughness, or the wonderful people who have come into my life as a result. I’ve had the privilege of interacting with so many great people as a result of running from teammates, to coaches, to athletes I now coach, or family and spectators. I’ve even met so many wonderful people who didn’t really consider themselves runners but did indeed run (a local 5k, etc) who I first crossed paths with because of running.

Both my PR and the streak represent something that took a lot of work and dedication-just to be decent. That process has helped develop character traits that carry over to life and work. So regardless of whether I ever made it—the mile helped make me. My timeline below is a glimpse of how long it can take to make modest progress sometimes and all the effort that goes into even small improvements. Training year round for the past two decades and at times it yielded only modest improvements, but I did know when I stepped to the starting line each time that I had done the work. I wouldn’t give back the training miles regardless of the results. Running miles early in the morning is a unique way to enjoy Gods creation that few people outside of runners may understand.

5th Grade PE timed mile 1991-5:45
6th Grade PE timed mile 1992-5:30
7th Grade-5:19 Equiv
8th Grade Track 1994 5:15
9th Grade Track 1995 5:02
10th Grade Track 1996 4:55-1st Year
11th Grade Track 1997 4:42
12th Grade Track 1998 4:39
1999 Freshman college 4:32 Equiv
2000 Sophomore college 4:26 Equiv
2001 Jr Year College 4:18 Equiv
2002 Sr Year College 4:18 Equiv
2003 Cox Medical Mile (4:14.30) PR
2004 4:26 mile equiv
2005 4:27 Cox Medical Mile
2006 4:29 Equiv
2007 4:47 Equiv
2008 4:52 Time Trial
2009 4:47 Equiv
2010 4:47 Leon Iowa Dirt Track
2011 4:51 Equiv
2012 4:31 Equiv (Iowa Games)
2013 4:24 Time Trial
2014 4:47 Equiv
2015 4:50 Corydon Road Mile
2016 4:45.30 Graceland Indoor Mile-21st Year

Fastest American Marathoner

This youtube video is a cool collection featuring Ryan Hall who ran sub 2:05 at Boston once and (4:46 per mile-Yikes!). It’s amazing to watch someone run that fast during a 26 mile race!

Runners Mindset

A glimpse inside the mind of competitive runners and how they deal with fatigue and pain.

Never Give Up

Heather Dorniden gets knocked down and gets back up. In the most famous and inspirational indoor track race on the internet.

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