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Aaron Rodgers identifies Lockdown Measures As House Arrest

Even the liberal NFL quarterback is recognizing that citizens are basically on house arrest and an arrey of other national problems are arising due to it.


Class resumes

The young kids starting up again.

BJJ Tools for Self Defense

*Not instructional video….can BJJ sweeps be an effective tool to train with worst case scenario self defense in mind? Seems like it would be a possible tool to add to someones toolbox in terms of getting out from under an attacker.

Youth Competitor

*Not instructional video-just fun clips…

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Sub Spectrum Highlights

Kids Class With Invicta MMA Pro

Kids Class at Underdog Sports with Invicta Pro (MMA) Helen Peralta.

Fun Youth Grappling Class

After grinding it out on the mats for several weeks they got creative with a fun drill.


Never Give up


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