Runners Against Sitting

Another creative and funny brooks running video.


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8 thoughts on “Runners Against Sitting

  1. I like the “anti-couch” image at the end – would make a great bumper sticker!

  2. kmthom07 on said:

    This is great. I have to admit, my favorite running video is, “Don’t Be That Awkward Runner
    It is complete with great 80s music and running humor. I watched it in the middle of the night during a Ragnar Relay. It made me so happy at 3:00am…sitting in a van waiting to run after no sleep.

  3. Reblogged this on Living Fit [Columbus] and commented:
    FITness Funny!

  4. This is going to wind up on my blog, too. Thanks!

  5. Here here I couldn’t agree with this more! 😀

  6. Reblogged this on notforjocks and commented:
    A cute video to keep us gamers motivated this morning. #motivation

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